21 March 2005

Deaniacs disappointed

After observing the Democratic Party's lack of unity regarding the Schiavo case, many progressives are ready to scream like it's election night in Iowa. Howard Dean was supposed to bring backbone to the Party, but now he is more likely to be found on the back of milk carton than standing up for American families. As a physician, one would expect Howard Dean to be leading the fight to protect the right of Americans to die with dignity without government intervention. Unfortunately, he has simply amounted to a doctor of disappointment.

Tim Russert stated with disbelief tonight on Hardball with Chris Matthews that not one Democratic senator spoke against the Schiavo bill. While Russert understood why no Democrat would jump at the chance to oppose the bill and risk being labeled as opposing life, he was still surprised that no Democratic senator warned of the precedent the new Schiavo law may set and the constitutional issues that may arise. Considering the fact that privacy rights have been under constant assault by the Bush administration, it is shocking that the Democrats didn't see an opportunity to voice broader concerns, such as the current government's view that their judgment is superior to that of America's families.

Hopefully, the Democratic Party will rediscover its vision and decide to once again stand with the people. To see the leaders of the world's oldest political party cut and run from their principles is sad. I now understand why the Democrats are blue.


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