10 March 2005

Fish have needs too!

There is rarely a corporate subsidy that the big business-friendly politicians in Tallahassee don't like. The governor frequently brags about the $11 billion of taxpayers' money that he and the Republican-controlled legislature have given away to corporate interests and campaign donors, so now another special interest is heading to Tallahassee with their hands, or fins, out. The Florida Marlins are swimming upstream to the state capitol looking to collect some corporate welfare. Let's see if the politicians fall for the bait.

The Florida Marlins need a new stadium. Honest, they said so. Apparently, they are having trouble filling the seats at ProPlayer stadium because of ... the seats. It obviously has nothing to do with the team or the fact that baseball is no longer the American pastime that it used to be. So the answer to the Marlins' problem is a huge taxpayer giveaway so they may buy a new stadium in South Florida. A recent poll shows that 82% of Floridians, including nearly 70% of those who identify themselves as Marlins fans, oppose using tax dollars to buy the Marlins a new stadium. Still, this didn't bother the Miami-Dade County Commission. Only one member voted against this insanity, while the remainder of the commission recklessly pushed through this ridiculous boondoggle. When a reporter asked County Commission Chair Joe Martinez if he was concerned about the poll numbers, he smiled and said that the politicians knew better than the people. Now the issue travels to North Florida, and Florida taxpayers can only hope that state legislators have more respect for the people of Florida than the politicians in Miami-Dade County.

Only time will tell if the politicians in Tallahassee give the Marlins their new stadium at the expense of Florida's taxpayers. If the corporate advocates serving in the Legislature prevail, the Marlins will be sitting pretty. Once again, the special interests will be dining on a feast for kings, while the taxpayers will be left with little more than fish food.


Anonymous TDog said...

These tax cuts for big businesses are destroying our state. If we don't have the money to fund education, health care, transportation projects, and the other issues that are needed for Florida, then we shouldn't be throwing money at the big businesses that simply ask.

10:59:00 AM  

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