22 March 2005

Man dies alone due to religious protestors

Supporters of the Schlindlers, such as Operation Rescue and the National Right to Life Committee, have taken advantage of the issue regarding Terri Schiavo in order to advance their own political agendas. Unfortunately, their overzealous pursuit of politics has had a negative effect upon others. In what may be perhaps the most disturbing story related to the Schiavo saga, a 73-year-old man was forced to die alone because of the added security at his hospice in Pinellas Park. (This is a story that should be reported by the national press.)

The St. Petersburg Times reported today that Thomas Bone, a patient with terminal brain cancer, was forced to die alone at Hospice House Woodside, because the additional security meant to keep the Schindler protestors from trespassing inadvertently prevented Mr. Bone's granddaughter from entering the facility. According to his family, Mr. Bone's last wish was that he not die alone. When he realized that the end was near, Mr. Bone asked his caretakers to summon his granddaughter, Jennifer Johnson, who was staying at the nearby family living quarters. Upon hearing the news, Jennifer threw on some clothes and rushed to the hospice.

When she arrived, Jennifer was stopped by a guard. Mr. Bone's room was two doors down from Terri Schiavo's room, so security had been increased due to the hostile protestors who were present at the request of Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri's parents. Since she was in a rush, Jennifer failed to grab her wallet with a photo identification. After a few minutes with the guard, Jennifer was able to find a hospice worker who would vouch for her. She then was forced to proceed through a metal detector and finally made her way to her grandfather's room. Unfortunately, she was too late. Jennifer's grandfather was gone. According to the nurse, Mr. Bone had died just one minute before Jennifer arrived.

The religious protestors have obviously gone too far. They claim to be concerned for Terri's life. Well, what about the lives of everyone else that they are hurting?


Anonymous tdog said...

These people are assholes. This is a definite sign that this whole thing has gotten out of control.

10:10:00 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

"Assholes" is a strong word, and not one befitting a political discourse.

I prefer the term, "sanctimonious pricks"...

11:14:00 PM  

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