16 March 2005

Michael Schiavo honors wife on national television

Last night, Michael Schiavo appeared on ABC's Nightline to discuss the saga regarding his wife, Terri. At times becoming emotional, Schiavo discussed his conversations with his wife before her heart attack when she stated that she never wanted to be kept alive by machines. He criticized Governor Jeb Bush and members of the Florida Legislature who are using his wife to win political points by pandering to religious extremists.

Mr. Schiavo discussed the time he spends with his wife and how he looks into Terri's eyes and sees no response. Schiavo has repeatedly invited Governor Bush to join him at his wife's bedside, so the governor could see her condition firsthand. Schiavo stated that Bush's concern is not really with Terri, because he has never taken him up on his offer. Last weekend, Governor Bush was 20 minutes away from the hospice where Terri is located, but he chose not to visit.

The right-wing organizations that are fueling this fight have little concern for Terri. The so-called "supporters" of Terri Schiavo, such as the American Family Association, have launched an aggressive campaign to call, and at times harrass, the offices of state legislators and provide misinformation about the case. The AFA is clearly out of the mainstream of America, devoting their web site homepage to defending the execution of children and attacking the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants for being a homosexual. Another web site for so-called "supporters" of Terri Schiavo has opened the "I Starved My Wife To Death" Web Store. On the web site, they offer t-shirts, key chains, and coffee mugs featuring a photo of Michael Schiavo's head pasted on the body of Fonzi from Happy Days with the text, "I starved my wife to death and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". This is absolutely disgusting.

Schiavo also addressed the rumor started by right-wing groups that he beat his wife and may have caused her condition. Experts and the courts have determined that this is not the case, and Schiavo said that those accusations are the most painful for him to endure. "Where's the documentation?" asked Schiavo.


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