28 March 2005

Religious Right: The GOP created a monster

What do Osama bin Ladin, Saddam Hussein, and the religious right have in common? They are all creations of the GOP that have come back to haunt them.

This week, Republicans in Congress and Florida are feeling the backlash of religious activists that feel betrayed by the GOP regarding Terri Schiavo. Randall Terry, Alan Keyes, Larry Klayman, and other national leaders of the Republican Party spent the weekend lashing out at their party for failing to assist Terri Schiavo. During a press conference on Easter Sunday, Klayman asked Governor Jeb Bush to "be a man" and to act in saving Terri's life.

The governor has claimed that he doesn't have the power to intervene. That's this week. Two weeks ago, the governor was leading the charge for government intervention in the Schiavo case. And in October 2003, the governor led the fight to "save" Terri by forcing through the Florida Legislature a bill that was known to be unconstitutional. By doing so, the governor violated the oath he swore to uphold when he took office.

But now, Governor Bush doesn't care. "It is heart-breaking for me to not have the power to be able to intervene, but I don't," the governor said. Of course, Governor Bush didn't seem to mind in 2003 and two weeks ago that he didn't have the power to intervene, but then the poll numbers were different then. Suddenly, polls are against breaking hard against the religious right, and as a result, Governor Bush has been hit with a rare case of humility.

The outrage by religious activists is sure to continue, and there is not much that Governor Bush can do to stop them. To date, the governor's response has been incredibly weak and will probably fail to calm the storm on the right. As domestic terrorist and founder of Operation Rescue Randall Terry warned the Republican Party, there will be "hell to pay."


Anonymous gator78 said...

George Will said this weekend that serious cracks were developing in the Repuglican Party. This may be fun to watch.

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