22 March 2005

Religious right targets Republicans

As the Democrats sit back and avoid the debate regarding Terri Schiavo, all-out chaos has hit the Republican Party. The religious right has launched an all out assault on the Republicans who voted against Terri's bill last Friday. Circulating around the capitol is a flyer that states:


Between the two lines are the photos and names of Senators J.D. Alexander, Nancy Argenziano, Michael Bennett, Lisa Carlton, Paula Dockery, Dennis Jones, Jim King, Evelyn Lynn, and Burt Saunders.

According to John King from CNN, the religious right is organizing its members and instructing them to contact the "Republican 9" and pressure them to take up and pass the bill that was defeated last Friday.

Additionally, religious extremists have continued an attack on the Pinellas County Circuit Court judge, Judge George Greer. Web sites have been dedicated to his ouster, and the religious right actively compares Greer to Dr. Kovorkian. In Washington, ethically challenged Republican leader in the U.S. House Tom DeLay accused Greer of "murder" and "terrorism." Charges of judicial activism have been leveled at Greer, and he is regularly being called a liberal judge. The kicker is that Judge Greer is actually a conservative Republican.

In today's St. Petersburg Times, local Republicans went on the record attacking Tom DeLay and Congress and defending Judge Greer. Pinellas County Property Appraiser and former Republican legislator Jim Smith called DeLay's remarks "a disgrace," and County Commissioner Bob Stewart stated, "I was absolutely so disgusted with what [DeLay] said." State Representative and former county Sheriff Everett Rice also defended Judge Greer, stating "Those folks that are saying anything bad about Judge Greer, they don't know him, and apparently they don't understand the law and the separation of powers." Rice is also the target of religious extremists, because of his vote against Terri's bill. The attacks on Rice are coordinated through the right-wing "news" publication, The Empire Journal.

Unfortunately, the so-called Christians in the religious right hold absolute disdain and hatred for those with whom they disagree. Perhaps they should ask themselves: WWJD?


Anonymous gator78 said...

These people are insane! I can't believe that they actually call themselves Christians.

6:54:00 PM  
Anonymous tdog said...

I guess that is what they get for associating with these wackos in the first place. These politicians are getting what they deserve.

10:11:00 PM  

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