16 March 2005

Schiavo disputes smear attacks

On ABC's Nightline, Schiavo disputed many of the vicious smear attacks circulating on the Internet regarding the motives behind his decision to remove his wife from life support and allow her to die with dignity this Friday.

Schiavo dismissed the rumor that he wants to end his wife's suffering so he can recover money won in a medical malpractice lawsuit in the 1990s. The fact is that the award of nearly $800,000 has been nearly exhausted paying for Terri's medical bills and other expenses related to her care. Another rumor that is equally offensive is that Schiavo physically abused his wife and caused her condition. (The attack was found by a court of law to have been caused by bulimia.)

To the contrary, the Florida Second Court of Appeal stated, "Theresa has been blessed with loving parents and a loving husband. Many patients in this condition would have been abandoned by friends and family within the first year. Michael has continued to care for her and to visit her all these years. He has never divorced her. He has become a professional respiratory therapist and works in a nearby hospital. As a guardian, he has always attempted to provide optimum treatment for his wife. He has been a diligent watch guard of Theresa's care, never hesitating to annoy the nursing staff in order to assure that she receives the proper treatment."

The attacks on Michael Schiavo and his supporters have stepped up in recent days and should peak by Friday. He states, however, that he will remain committed to his wife's cause and will continue to ensure that her wishes are honored.


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