04 April 2005

Is the Associated Press moving to the right?

With cable news moving to the right, are the wire services doing the same?

Unfortunately, FOX News, MSNBC, and CNN have become networks dedicated to advancing the conservative line. Wire services, such as the Associated Press and Reuters, have always maintained a sense of impartiality and lack of bias. Now, times may be changing.

In an article regarding the political consequences of the Schiavo situation by Brendan Farrington of the Florida AP, Farrington offered his own opinion in defending Governor Jeb Bush over the Schiavo case.

In his piece, Farrington discusses whether Jeb Bush would be harmed by his over-the-top reaction to Terri Schiavo's circumstance. Various political experts are quoted as stating their opinions of what ramifications may exist for the Florida governor. Just prior to including a quote by Governor Bush stating that the Schiavo case was "not a political issue," Farrington editorialized. "Either way, Bush's motivation wasn't votes." (emphasis added)

How does Farrington know what the governor's motivation was? Just because he said so? This is the kind of editorializing that has become a cancer on cable news. I hope that this is just an isolated incident.

Farrington is a good journalist. It would be a shame to lose him to the dark side. We'll have to keep watching ... and reading ... and make sure he continues to do his job in his usual professional manner.


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