15 May 2005

Permanent Open Thread

No post today. Feel free to use the comment feature on this post to freely discuss the political issues of the day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A comment on the previously article that serves as an informercial for Maddox is quite troubling, because it makes a blatantly false statement. The author states: "Scott Maddox also has a lot of support from the Police Unions and Firefighter Unions around the State." This is completely false.

I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of PBA (police union) guys, and they are pretty much unified in their dislike of Maddox. In fact, a group of PBA employees official switched their voter registration from Democrat to Republican on the day Maddox was elected state chair as a form of protest against the FDP.

Say what you want about Maddox - either you love him or you hate him. But let's try to keep the dialogue honest. I hope that the author of the comment was simply mistaken and is not an operative of the "Maddox campaign" intent on spreading lies to get him elected.

1:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard the same about the PBAs dislike of Maddox. According to the street committee, there's some kind of historic bad blood that goes back a generation or so.

Knowing the records of the leading Democratic gubernatorial candidates, while I'm not up to speed on Jim Davis' law enforcement credentials, I think that Rod Smith would have an advantage when it comes to getting the support of the PBA.

Smith is a former prosecutor who is a strong supporter of law enforcement. He did put Danny Rolling on death row, after all. Prisons are a leading employer in his legislative districts so he knows the issues related to correctional officers.

In my opinion, as of today, out of all the potential Democratic candidiates, when it comes to the crime issue, in a race against Charlie Crist, the crime issue would be a push if Smith were the Democratic nominee. What would they say? Rod Smith hasn't executed Danny Rolling fast enough? Oh, excuse me, that would be Jeb Bush now wouldn't it?

2:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a different subject: Have you seen the Tampa Tribune's endorsement of Tom Lee for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate? Please, pay attention to this:


2:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't Florida have it's own state-run legal firm headed up by Attorney General Charlie Crist? If Charlie Crist is such a great attorney, why does Jeb feel the need to always hire outside counsel?

If I remember right, he hired outside counsel for the Schaivo issue and also for the school voucher case. Now, check out today's St. Pete Times for the latest example of outsourcing legal help:


2:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for Senate President Tom Lee, check out the web site for his group Floridians Uniting for a Stronger Tomorrow. Does anyone remember Jeb's Foundation for Florida's Future and the leg up that group gave him between the 1994 campaign and the 1998 campaign?

Anyway, Lee's group has received $1.1 million in contributions. Here's the web site:


2:47:00 PM  
Blogger BlueDawgDem said...

we should encourage the tom lee talk. i am sure nelson would rather run against a senate president with a long record of bad votes (and zero statewide name id) than someone like toni jennings or tom gallagher.

of course, we can all still dream that they end up nominating katherine harris. unfortunately, karl rove isn't dumb enough to let that happen.

8:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's official - Maddox is in the governor's race. If he gets the nomination, say goodbye to Bill Nelson.

Heaven help the Democrats - they'll need it.

2:59:00 PM  

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