20 June 2005

FDP blog closes shop

Farewell to the "Official Blog" of the Florida Democratic Party. Today Chris Sands, the IT Director for the FDP, announced the end of the party's official discussion site.

While it saddens all bloggers to see a fellow site fall by the wasteside, it is very understandable in this case. As Sands points out, anything with the party's name on it, like a blog, must be vetted by the party chair and cannot simply be a collection of interesting political opinions. Since blogs are popular due to their ability to post breaking news, the vetting process at the FDP made the blog unable to reach its full potential. It was a great attempt, but in the end, it just couldn't happen. Read the FDP's final post here.

Goodbye Mr. Sands ... and thanks for the plug!


Blogger BlueDawgDem said...

too bad that it never really got off the ground.

12:02:00 PM  

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