19 July 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Bush to announce Supreme Court nominee tonight at 9:00 PM

CNN is reporting that President George W. Bush will announce his choice for the United States Supreme Court tonight at 9:00 PM.

UPDATE (4:51 PM): Sources confirm that Judge Edith Brown Clement, of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, will not be President Bush's selection to replace current Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Judge Clement, an ultra-conservative jurist, received a call this afternoon saying that the administration was choosing to go in a "different direction."

Does this mean the moderate-to-liberal Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez will get the nod?


Anonymous Tray said...

Great. I am looking forward to seeing the conservative nightmare he appoints.

4:22:00 PM  
Anonymous gator78 said...

Hey James, good call on the prediction. You knew that Bush was going to change the subject today. Let's see if he is successful in keeping people from thinking about Karl Rove.

7:32:00 PM  
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