14 July 2005

Charlie Crist violates state election law

Last week GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist announced that he had shattered previous fundraising records by posting over $3.8 million in campaign contributions during the second quarter of 2005. Now, the campaign concedes that Crist failed to abide by state law.

Today, it was reported that the Crist campaign had accepted over two dozen contributions that exceeded the $500 cap set by state law. Additionally, an examination of Crist's report shows that more than 1800 contributors failed to list their occupations, a requirement for those who contribute more than $100. These violations and lack of oversight would typically be seen as harmless, except that it comes in the wake of similar problems by a Crist opponent.

Democratic candidate Scott Maddox has been plagued in recent weeks by horrible press documenting his poor stewardship as chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, a position Maddox relinquished on May 7th. With news reports criticizing Maddox's accounting errors and blind leadership as chair, some believe that Crist may have walked into a firestorm by making the same types of errors as Maddox.

Crist faces Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher in the GOP primary. Maddox faces Congressman Jim Davis and state Senator Rod Smith in the Democratic primary.

The problems with the Crist campaign may end up being harmless. Charlie Crist is often the teflon Republican, allowing nothing to stick to him, and this time may be no different. As of yet, no one has filed an official complaint against the Crist campaign for violating state election laws.

But it will be interesting to see if Gallagher or Crist's Democratic opponents start asking an important question pertaining to Crist's campaign finance irregularities. How can the top law enforcement officer in the state not follow state law, then expect voters to trust him with the governorship?


Anonymous gator78 said...

Will there be a double standard? The press has totally crucified Maddox for making mistakes. Will they give Charlie a pass?

12:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course they will. The rules never apply to Republicans. Look at Karl Rove.

2:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Juan Paxety said...

I don't like campaign contribution limits - I like the system in Georgia better (could have changed since I lived there). Anyone can contribute any amount, but any amount over $100 has to be reported. That way you can see who's buying a candidate.

3:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Tyler said...

I think this could tell us who will win the election. If Crist is able to just walk right by this issue without anyone given a damn, then he's the next governor.

To the Maddox people. Why don't you go on the offensive? You guys have your own blog don't you? Keep this issue alive. Don't let him walk away from this one. Make him go through what Maddox went through. We'll see how gay - I mean, happy - Charlie Crist is after that.

11:21:00 PM  

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