05 July 2005

Maddox hit with official complaint

Today, an official complaint was filed with the Florida Elections Commission against gubernatorial candidate Scott Maddox for his leadership of the Florida Democratic Party. The complaint comes on the heels of reports that Maddox had failed to pay federal social security and payroll taxes during 2003 and 2004.

The complaint was filed by the Florida Police Benevolent Association, a longtime opponent of Maddox and his father, Charlie Maddox. The senior Maddox founded the state's largest police union, but was ousted in 1994. The PBA has already endorsed Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist for governor.

The complaint questions why Maddox used a cashier's check instead of a party check to pay a fine for the Leon County Democratic Party. David Murrell, the PBA's executive director, alleges that Maddox's motive for using a cashier's check may have been to hide the real source of the money. "Someone went to a lot of trouble to cover up the source of these funds," said Murrell.

Maddox continued his hear no evil, see no evil defense by issuing a statement through a campaign spokesperson. "[Maddox] was never made aware that there was a fine or that the fine was somehow paid," campaign manager Sallie Stohler said Tuesday. "We don't know where this money came from. We want to get to the bottom of this, too."

But Stohler fought back and deflected the criticism by questioning the motives of her candidate's opponents. "There is no surprise given that this is a group that has a political and personal ax to grind against Maddox," she said. "Last week it was Jeb Bush issuing personal attacks on Scott Maddox and this week it's allies of Charlie Crist. There is nothing new here."

Maddox faces Congressman Jim Davis and state Senator Rod Smith (D-Gainesville) in the Democratic primary election next fall. The winner will challenge either Crist or Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher in the general election.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought this issue was over. How many enemies has Maddox made? No one seems to like this guy.

11:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cops against Maddox. Now Maddox has lost the swing voters concerned about public safety and security and most of North Florida's corrections employees and law enforcement.

8:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maddox remains silent. Debbie has lawyered up. There's something rotten in Denmark.

9:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know about Denmark, but the shit is hitting the fan in Tallahassee. According to the papers, Maddox may have committed a felony. This is unbelievable! Instead of moving into the governor's mansion, he may be heading to jail. How can Democrats still support this guy? Scott Maddox is singlehandedly destroying the Florida Democratic Party!!!

10:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He needs to start looking for a new day job...he has about as good a chance as I at winning the primary. Give it up.

12:24:00 PM  
Blogger james H said...

I just deleted an inappropriate comment. Let's keep it clean people!

12:25:00 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

The Police Benevolent Association claims that the complaint filed against Scott Maddox was not political. Their actions however speak to another tune. The PBA not only has endorsed Charlie Crist, a Republican for Governor, but then PBA activist Ken Kopczynski stated, “The PBA just feels that Scott is not really a friend of law enforcement.”

Clearly, if this was not a political statement, then I truly do not know what is. The Leon County Democratic Executive Committee is currently resolving the mistake made by Debbie Griffin-Bruton, former treasurer, and any knowledge of the $10,500 fine or the payment of the fine was never brought to the attention of the Chairman or the Vice-Chairwoman.

This matter is clearly nothing but an effort to continue the politically motivated attacks aimed at destroying one man’s campaign for Governor. Instead of focusing on how the PBA can help the Crist campaign, maybe they should focus more on their jobs: Public Safety and leave the politics to those running the race.

Another note, it's only a felony if you knowingly sign a false document. Maddox's name was stamped by Debbie on the papers without the permission of Scott Maddox to pay the fee. When he filed the waiver, it was his understanding that no action had taken place, period, on the account. This is documented by Debbie Griffin-Bruton admitting that she knowingly did not tell Scott Maddox or anyone else on the Executive Board about her mistake.

I expect this complaint to be thrown out quite quickly.

LCDEC Member
Candidate for Treasurer of LCDEC

4:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please answer this and we'll move on: Who made the unreported $10,500 contribution to the Leon Co. DEC that was used to buy the cashier's check that was given to pay the DEC's fine?

4:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Randy Ralston said...

Here's an answer to your last post anonymous and it isn't exactly the one the Maddox camp wanted you to know about:

Posted on Wed, Jul. 06, 2005

State party paid $10,500 fine for Leon County Democrats

Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - State party funds were used to cover the cost of a fine levied against the Leon County Democratic Party last year when gubernatorial hopeful Scott Maddox served as chairman for both, new state party Chairwoman Karen Thurman said Wednesday.

The revelations showed the party cut a pair of checks for $5,000 and a third for $500 on Dec. 16, 2004 to People's First Community Bank in Tallahassee, which in turn issued a $10,500 cashier's check payable to the Leon County Supervisor of Elections to satisfy a fine for failing to timely file a required financial report.

The checks, Thurman said, were consecutively numbered and signature-stamped, not signed.

Maddox and Paige Carter-Smith, who was Maddox' executive director in both state and local posts, have both said they were unaware that the checks had been issued.

"I knew it had to come from somewhere," Carter-Smith said Wednesday. "I'm disappointed in the matter it was done. I've pledged to the chair of the Florida Democratic Party the Leon County party will repay her."

Maddox's campaign has been plagued in recent weeks by allegations that he mismanaged the state party. It failed to make Social Security and payroll tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service in 2003 and only last week cleared up that obligation with a $200,000 payment to the federal government.

An extensive audit ordered by Thurman also resolved a series of bookkeeping errors that resulted in a $926,000 bookkeeping discrepancy from the 2003 and 2004 reports.

Thurman's disclosure comes a day after a police union founded by his father questioned the "mysterious" payment of the fine.

The Police Benevolent Association, which has endorsed Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist in the 2006 governor's race, made the complaint with the state Elections Commission. The complaint also asked the commission to determine if Maddox broke the law when he signed a waiver that failed to show payment of the fine.

The fine was imposed because the Leon County Democratic Party was late filing a postelection report in 2004. Maddox, a former Tallahassee mayor, was then chairman of both the state and Leon County parties.


Florida Democratic Party: http://www.fladems.com/

7:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god!

The truth finally comes out and it ain't pretty for Maddox & Co.

Now he's saying he was also unaware about how this could have happened. Th so-called "executive experience" candidate for Governor.

This is beyond pathetic, it's actually a farce.

...and the longer Maddox stays in the race the longer the joke continues to be at our expense as Democrats.

For the love of god (and the party):




It's bad enough this is the counter story to Crist's $3.85MM take.

What are you going to raise Scott?



Even that is a drop in the bucket, compared to the embarassment you've rained down upon us.

Please, spare us more scorn and ridicule and leave the race to those who still have a fighting chance!


7:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the story:

Maddox and Paige Carter-Smith, who was Maddox' executive director in both state and local posts, have both said they were unaware that the checks had been issued.

"I knew it had to come from somewhere," Carter-Smith said Wednesday. "I'm disappointed in the matter it was done. I've pledged to the chair of the Florida Democratic Party the Leon County party will repay her."

Those here who think Paige Carter-Smith will have a job next month raise your hand!

...er seriously...raise your hand?

Ouch... tough crowd.

Goodnight Paige~

7:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - State party funds were used to cover the cost of a fine levied against the Leon County Democratic Party last year when gubernatorial hopeful Scott Maddox served as chairman for both, new state party Chairwoman Karen Thurman said Wednesday.

The revelations showed the party cut a pair of checks for $5,000 and a third for $500 on Dec. 16, 2004 to People's First Community Bank in Tallahassee, which in turn issued a $10,500 cashier's check payable to the Leon County Supervisor of Elections to satisfy a fine for failing to timely file a required financial report.

So let me get this straight - Maddox funneled money from the state party into the local party to cover his mistakes as local party chairman? Interesting!

7:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words from the Prophet Mallory Horne (former Florida House Speaker and Senate President)from the December 30, 2002 St. Petersburg Times:

"I have thought being a party head attracts so much fire from within and without that it could hurt him as a candidate," said Mallory Horne, the only person in modern times to serve as Senate president and House speaker. ...

... Horne said he told Maddox not to accept the party chairmanship because it could damage his chances for running for governor in 2006 or beyond. ...


9:37:00 PM  
Anonymous jesse said...



WASHINGTON, DC - Time reporter Matthew Cooper, who avoided jail time by agreeing to testify as to who leaked the name of a undercover CIA operative, today revealed the name of his source. Cooper identified former Florida Democratic Party chairman and candidate for governor Scott Maddox as the source who leaked Valerie Plame's name to the press.

Maddox quickly denied any knowledge of the leak. He instead blamed former party comptroller Debbie Griffin-Bruton, who Maddox alleges used to hypnotize him and allow him to make phone calls without his knowledge.

"Debbie used to wave a watch in front of my eyes until I lost all consciousness. I then had no control over my actions," said Maddox. "I kept receiving my monthly phone bills with charges for psychics and pornography, and I thought that was bad enough. But I never knew that she was tricking me into making phone calls against national security without my knowledge."

Maddox quickly tried to put the issue to rest.

"I accept all responsibility for this horrible ordeal, because it was all Debbie's fault."

10:02:00 PM  
Blogger Josh said...



"State party officials said today that Scott Maddox knew nothing about it. Debbie Griffin-Bruton, who was comptroller for the state party and treasurer of the county Democratic Executive Committee, handled all of the transactions and used a rubber stamp of Maddox's signature to issue the checks, Democratic officials said."

Instead of spreading false reports and jumping to conclusions, get the facts straight. As posted above, Maddox had NO knowledge of this action as it was done behind his back by Debbie Griffin-Bruton as she tried to cover up her mistakes.

Clearly that is why 3 checks were written so that she could use Maddox's Rubber Stamp so that he, nor the members of the LCDEC or the State Party, would find out about the mistakes.

Debbie could be getting into a lot of trouble if she can't explain her actions.

10:51:00 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

Mark.... NO! Read my post above and get your story straight.


10:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maddox is looking like a jack-ass who didn't know anything that was going on at his party organizations.

Every time he says, "I didn't know about that," I want to ask, "Well, what the f--- DID you know about, buddy?"

9:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Who? Campaign for What?

9:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who was minding the store?

Scott says he knew nothing. Paige says she knew nothing.

Have been involved in statewide campaigns, this is incredulous. The two top people in the organization did not realize they had an extra $200,000 that was supposed to go to taxes and then Debbie can write $10,500 in checks and nobody notices.

No budget projections which raised a red flag?, no P&L statements that didn't match up?, no electronic check register where the two top people can monitor where the money is going?

Sounds like Debbie was running the party.

Come on Scott (and Paige), for the good the party, step aside.

10:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maddox had no idea how fine was paid

By Bill Cotterell


Florida Democratic Party funds were funneled through a Tallahassee bank to pay a $10,500 fine for the Leon County party, but Scott Maddox - who was chairman of both groups - didn't know it, state and local Democratic chiefs said Wednesday.

Former state party comptroller Debbie Griffin-Bruton broke the payment into two checks of $5,000 and a third one for $500, according to Mark Herron, general counsel of the state party, and Paige Carter-Smith, who heads the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee. That way, they said, she could use a rubber stamp of Maddox's signature, dodging the requirement of two signatures on checks exceeding $5,000.

Griffin-Bruton, who was also treasurer of the Leon DEC, could not be reached for comment.

The Maddox campaign for governor has endured withering criticism for the state party's failure to pay payroll withholding and Social Security taxes during six months of his chairmanship, as well as the county party's late filing of a quarterly financial report. He has said Griffin-Bruton, who resigned both her state and county posts, never told him of mistakes she made.

"Scott talked with the party and worked with them to find out where the money came from," Sallie Stohler, his campaign manager, said of the transfer of funds to pay the fine. "It appears that Debbie Griffin-Bruton did this without telling anybody and hid it from folks."

But David Murrell, executive director of the Florida Police Benevolent Association, which filed a civil complaint with the State Elections Commission against Maddox on Tuesday, said the explanation does not resolve the initial failed reporting of the $10,500.

"He must be the most uninformed person on the face of the earth," Murrell said.

Maddox, a former Tallahassee mayor, was chairman of both the Leon County DEC and the Florida Democratic Party from early 2003 through last May, when he resigned to run for governor and Karen Thurman replaced him. Late last month, the state party paid about $200,000 in taxes, penalties and interest for the unpaid federal taxes.

Maddox took responsibility for the situation but said Griffin-Bruton didn't tell him the taxes for the middle six months of 2003 were not paid. An internal audit of party finances last week supported his explanation.

But his campaign was rocked again when it was disclosed that, on Dec. 16, a $10,500 fine against the Leon DEC - for late filing of a quarterly financial report - had been mysteriously paid. The cashier's check for that fine did not list a person paying it.

On Jan. 10, Maddox signed a waiver of a final financial report, saying there had been no activity to report in the county party. Receipt and expenditure of the $10,500 did not show up in county DEC records.

Carter-Smith said she spoke with Griffin-Bruton's attorney and determined that the ex-employee "facilitated the payment of the county party fine by using state party funds in a series of checks that did not require the double-signature approval process." She said Griffin-Bruton used Maddox's signature stamp "without his knowledge."

"In addition, it appears the campaign report she did have Chairman Maddox sign was accurate because the money for the fine did not come from the DEC treasury," Carter-Smith said.

Thurman released copies of three consecutively numbered checks for $5,000, $5,000 and $500. They were dated Dec. 16 and made out to the Peoples First Community Bank - which on the same day issued a $10,500 cashiers check made out to the Supervisor of Elections office.

The memo line on the cashiers check said "Leon County DEC."

At the PBA, Murrell said, "The Leon County DEC is still on the hook because they didn't pay the fine, the state party did. The law requires that the people who were late filing their report have to pay the fine, and that's the county (party)."

Herron practices extensively before the State Elections Commission, which handles complaints about campaign financial reporting. He said the three checks "answer directly the PBA's questions, that they want to know where the money came from."

Carter-Smith, who was executive director of the Florida Democratic Party when Maddox was its chairman, said the explanation will help resolve questions that have dogged the state and local Democratic organizations and the Maddox campaign for two weeks.

"The good news is, we are getting to the bottom of this, and we are ready to move on and go about the business of getting Democrats elected," she said. "It's unfortunate that this has occurred, but we will get through it and come out the other side stronger."

11:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The good news is..." Scott and Paige are no longer running the state party!

3:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Can You Not Just Love Scott Maddox?

A s ``Mr. Bluebird On My Shoulder'' moments go, this was somewhere between the governor refusing a stay of execution and the Glazer boys deciding to go pub- hopping in Manchester, England.

Karen Thurman, who has to feel as if she has been tapped to head the Anbar Province Tourism Board, had just held a news conference in which she essentially described the internal workings of the Florida Democratic Party as the red tide of bookkeeping.

``It's a mess,'' she admitted.

Accounting boo-boos under the administration of former Chairman Scott Maddox had misfiled some $900,000. The IRS had recently fined the party $200,000 over unpaid payroll taxes.

Expenditures had been sloppily entered into the party's computer system.

Indeed, it took eight forensic auditors to unravel the Gordian Knot of financial incompetence to conclude the party's money woes were largely the result of mismanagement rather than criminality.

Fodder Aplenty

To which Maddox, who is now running for governor, responded with the claim that he had been ``vindicated.''

And that is why I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

Scott Maddox is more, much, much more, than a mere candidate for office. He is column fodder schmoozing.

Ahem, let's see here, the current state Democratic Party chairwoman has just described her predecessor's stewardship as more befuddled than Mr. Magoo performing brain surgery, and Scott Maddox blithely regards a report that would have lesser men cringing with embarrassment as a vindication of his management style.

Lesser politicos, exposed as having all the management acumen of Mongo from ``Blazing Saddles,'' would have folded their campaigns and slunk off into obscurity.

But not Scott Maddox, the Sammy Glick of the Apalachee Parkway. Onward and upward!

That's because, while an awful lot of political figures pay casual lip service to shamelessness, Scott Maddox has mastered the art of utter, bald-faced, unctuous disingenuousness to Maury Povich-esque proportions.

Wresting The Crown

In a sort of sick, twisted, perverted way, you have to concede some grudging respect to Maddox, a man happily and without reservation more than willing to wrest from the head of Jeb Bush the crown as the Eddie Haskell of Tallahassee.

There is a certain slimy charm about a true professional politician who knows that you know that he knows that you know he is a complete balderdash artist filled with more phony phooey than Ahmed Chalabi meets Jesse Jackson.

While it is certainly true his administrative shortcomings make Lucille Ball on a pie assembly line look like Henry Ford, Maddox, who didn't seem to be able to oversee a small staff of party workers, remained undaunted in his quest to become Florida's chief executive officer responsible for 486,265 state-funded employees.

Ever the political sociopath, Maddox insisted with a straight face the other day that all the negative publicity casting him as having all the organizational skills of a village idiot was a really good sign for his gubernatorial campaign.

That's because, he believed, his political enemies were exploiting his complete ineptitude as an executive because they feared he might actually win the election.

Uh, Scott, the critics of your tenure of the state Democratic Party ... are the state Democratic Party.

It's probably just a hint your campaign may be in a pinch of trouble when party loyalists grab their wallets and assume the crash position when you walk into a room.

And that's why I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

He's right. People - including people in his own party - worry Scott Maddox could win.


This story can be found at: http://www.tampatrib.com/News/MGBWM72YVAE.html

9:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Buddy Nevins Political Column:

Big opportunity fading away

July 9, 2005

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Scott Maddox's troubles have probably sunk the chance for one of three Broward County women to quickly move up in the world of politics.

Broward Mayor Kristin Jacobs and County Commissioners Ilene Lieberman and Diana Wasserman-Rubin are among those perfectly positioned to be the lieutenant governor running mate for Maddox.

Maddox, the former mayor of Tallahassee, could use somebody from South Florida to pump up the vote in this Democrat-rich area. A woman on the ticket would also bolster the Democratic ticket's chances with female voters.

That's Politics 101. Pollster Jim Kane, who teaches political science at the University of Florida, agrees.

"The idea is to balance the ticket," Kane explains. "You get a South Florida running mate to turn out the vote down here, while the candidate from North Florida can concentrate on his area and central Florida."

The balance includes gender balance, Kane says.

When you look at a list of Maddox supporters in South Florida, there are a handful of women who are electable and can raise prodigious sums of money. Three who have to be on the top of the list are Jacobs, Lieberman and Wasserman-Rubin.
Asked about a running mate at a recent Broward fund-raiser, Maddox ducked the question. "It's way too early to discuss," agrees Lieberman, whose fund-raising abilities snagged more than $100,000 of the $300,000 or so Maddox raised in the past three months.

Now might be the only time Maddox gets to discuss a lieutenant governor. With his campaign limping because of accusations that he mismanaged his job as chairman of the state Democratic Party, his campaign might not survive long enough for him to pick a running mate.

Got a tip? Buddy is at bnevins@sun-sentinel.com or 954-356-4571.

Copyright © 2005, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

10:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is this story dead? Bloggers you have an obligation to keep it alive for the good of the Democratic Party. Maddox must go!

6:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not that the story is dead...

It is that MADDOX is dead.

When 8 of the 9 leading newspapers in the state (including your hometown paper, The Tallahassee Democrat) write editorials telling you to get out of the race you are as good as dead.

9:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maddox, is what someone else called, the "Sixth Sense" candidate...

everyone else knows he is dead except him.

12:44:00 PM  
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