16 August 2005

FSU Update: Trustee apologizes to the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

In the wake of embarrassing and offensive comments by some well-known FSU alumni, trustee Richard McFarlain has apologized to the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma for his "hostile and abusive" comments about the Native Americans that fled Florida in the early 1800s.

"I think I just should have shut up," McFarlain said. Of course, McFarlain had more to say last week went he went on the attack over the NCAA's ridiculous ban over the use of American Indians as mascots for major college sports teams.

Senator Jim King (R-Jacksonville) and FSU President T.K. Wetherell, a former Democratic Speaker of the Florida House, have yet to apologize for their despicable comments toward the Oklahoma Seminoles.

Senator King and Speaker Wetherell should be encouraged to apologize so this silly debate can be put behind us and FSU can continue being the Seminoles.

Senator King's email address is king.james.web@flsenate.gov.

Speaker Wetherell's email address is president@mailer.fsu.edu.


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