09 August 2005

Religious right group protests military funerals

Why are members of the religious right protesting outside funerals of our fallen troops?

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07 August 2005

Nelson also victim of colorization scheme

Over the past week, Congresswoman Katherine Harris (R-Sarasota) has accused Florida newspapers of using computer software to manipulate photographs of her during the 2000 presidential election recounts. Harris claims that she didn't actually wear as much make-up as the public was led to believe, and she said that the paper's doctored photos were hurtful to her. When asked which papers engaged in this unethical behavior, Harris was unable to name a single paper.

Granted, her story is a sad one. Harris' opponent in next year's election to the United States Senate has also been the victim of a similar scheme. In order to make Senator Bill Nelson appear more sympathetic to their readers, one newspaper doctored a photo of the senator for their publication.

The Smurf Times, a weekly publication aimed at members of the Smurf community, published a photo last year that was obviously doctored and gave Nelson's skin a bluish tint. Political commentator, Brainy Smurf, saw the move as a way for the paper to say to the Smurf-American community that Nelson was "like one of us." Brainy continued by saying that the action by the paper was misleading, and while their intentions may have been noble, the act itself was "wrong."

(Note to readers: I apologize to those serious readers who may be surprised by FloridapolitiX.com's use of humor and sarcasm on this site. FloridapolitiX.com will continue to be a reliable source of news and opinion, but the Harris story was just too good to resist.)