19 January 2006

The New Laura Bush attacks Hillary Clinton

First Lady Laura Bush decided to partake in bare-knuckled politix by attacking her predecessor on Wednesday. The assault by Mrs. Bush was unprovoked and was very out of character for the First Lady who typically shows a very classy demeanor.

Laura Bush has spent the past five years serving as a polite and respectful First Lady. But since the beginning of 2006, she has changed. She is now acting as a partisan politician, and as we witnessed yesterday, she is engaging in Swift Boat-style attacks against her political opponents. According to most recent polls, Bush enjoys high approval by most Americans. It will be interesting to see how the country feels about the new Laura Bush.

Earlier this week, Laura Bush endorsed the idea of a woman as President of United States, but only if that woman is a Republican. Then yesterday, Mrs. Bush attacked Hillary Clinton's speech from a Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. event, calling Clinton's comments "ridiculous."

On Monday, Clinton was speaking to an African American crowd in Harlem when she said that the Republicans run the Congress like a "plantation." The former First Lady used the imagery to describe the way that the GOP in Congress exludes minorities from decisions and suppress free speech. Her words were almost identical to those used by Newt Gingrich in 1994, when the future Speaker of the House said he was leading a "slave rebellion" against the Democrats who "run the plantation."

This appears to be a non-story except for the fact that America is witnessing a transformation of Laura Bush. Most Americans have supported the dignified, classy First Lady who has stood by her man during a tough first term. What will America think of the new First Lady now that she is becoming a partisan attack-dog? Only time will tell.

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